Weibull Distribution Functions

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This article also appears in the Life Data Analysis Reference and Accelerated Life Testing Data Analysis Reference books.

The Mean or MTTF

The mean, , (also called MTTF) of the Weibull pdf is given by:


is the gamma function evaluated at the value of:

The gamma function is defined as:

For the 2-parameter case, this can be reduced to:

Note that some practitioners erroneously assume that is equal to the MTTF, . This is only true for the case of: or:

The Median

The median, , of the Weibull distribution is given by:

The Mode

The mode, , is given by:

The Standard Deviation

The standard deviation, , is given by:

The Weibull Reliability Function

The equation for the 3-parameter Weibull cumulative density function, cdf, is given by:

This is also referred to as unreliability and designated as by some authors.

Recalling that the reliability function of a distribution is simply one minus the cdf, the reliability function for the 3-parameter Weibull distribution is then given by:

The Weibull Conditional Reliability Function

The 3-parameter Weibull conditional reliability function is given by:


These give the reliability for a new mission of duration, having already accumulated time of operation up to the start of this new mission, and the units are checked out to assure that they will start the next mission successfully. It is called conditional because you can calculate the reliability of a new mission based on the fact that the unit or units already accumulated hours of operation successfully.

The Weibull Reliable Life

The reliable life, , of a unit for a specified reliability, , starting the mission at age zero, is given by:

This is the life for which the unit/item will be functioning successfully with a reliability of . If , then , the median life, or the life by which half of the units will survive.

The Weibull Failure Rate Function

The Weibull failure rate function, , is given by:

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