Weibull++ Non-Parametric LDA Plot Example

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This example demonstrates how to use the Weibull++ non-parametric life data analysis (LDA) folio.

Assume we have the following data.

Number in State State F or S State End Time
3 F 9
1 S 9
1 F 11
1 S 12
1 F 13
1 S 13
1 S 15
1 F 17
1 F 21
1 S 22
1 S 24
1 S 26
1 F 28
1 F 30
1 S 32
2 S 35
1 S 39
1 S 41

Analyze the data set using the Kaplan-Meier method.


Enter the data in a non-parametric LDA folio. On the folio's control panel, enter a confidence level, as shown next.

Kaplan Meier Method Data.png

The following plot shows the results, where the reliability at each failure time is calculated and plotted, along with the confidence bounds.

Kaplan Meier Method Plot.png

Because the analysis uses a non-parametric method, only the reliability at the observed failure times can be calculated. Non-parametric methods cannot be used for extrapolation and interpolation.

The following report shows the estimated reliability values and the associated confidence bounds.

Kaplan Meier Summary Results.png