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Use this template to insert a "See it in action box," which contains links to examples in other wiki pages or in external websites, such as ReliaSoft.com and ReliaSoft.tv.

To insert the box in a wiki page, paste the following code.

{{Examples Box|WIKI PAGE|<p>More application examples are available! See also:</p> 
{{Examples Link|WIKI PAGE|ANCHOR TEXT}}<nowiki/>
{{Examples Link External|HTML PAGE|ANCHOR TEXT}}<nowiki/>
{{Examples Movie|VIDEO URL|ANCHOR TEXT}}<nowiki/>

The code inserts Template:Examples Box and 4 other "bullet" templates that serve as the content for the box, where the configurable parameters are shown in ALL CAPS. You can edit the paragraph text (e.g., “More application examples are available…”) as needed to suit the situation. You can also choose which of the four “bullet” templates are appropriate for the situation and then duplicate/delete the rows as needed.

Template:Examples Box is for inserting the "See it in action" box. It has 2 parameters: the link to the application's examples page (e.g., BlockSim Examples) and any combination of the following templates that is appropriate for the situation.

a) Template:Examples Link is for linking to an example in another wiki page. It has 2 parameters:
  • WIKI PAGE = the name of the wiki page (e.g., Page_Name).
  • ANCHOR NAME = the name of the example
b) Template:Examples Link External is for linking to an example that's posted on another website such as ReliaSoft.com. It has 2 parameters:
c) Template:Examples_Movie is for linking to an example that's only available as a video on ReliaSoft.tv. It has 2 parameters:
d) Template:Examples Both is for an example that's available both on an external website (e.g., ReliaSoft.com) and on ReliaSoft.tv. It has 4 parameters:
e) For any other situation, you can manually enter the necessary code to create the "custom" bullet.

For example:

{{Examples_Box|BlockSim_Examples|<p>More application examples are available! See also:</p>
{{Examples Link|BlockSim_Example:_CM_Triggered_by_Subsystem_Down|This is a link to another wiki page}}<nowiki/>
{{Examples Link External|http://www.reliasoft.com/BlockSim/examples/rc1/index.htm|This is a link to an example on ReliaSoft.com}}<nowiki/>
{{Examples Movie|http://www.reliasoft.tv/blocksim/appexamples/blocksim_app_ex_1.html|This is an example with video only}}<nowiki/>
{{Examples Both|http://www.reliasoft.com/BlockSim/examples/rc1/index.htm|Reliability Analysis of a Storage Cluster System|http://www.reliasoft.tv/blocksim/appexamples/blocksim_app_ex_1.html|Watch the video...}}<nowiki/>

This code is rendered as: