cURD.GetScheduledTaskIDs Method

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Member of: SynthesisAPI.cURD

Returns an array containing the numeric IDs of of the scheduled tasks assigned to the URD. Long.

Remarks: Alternatively, .NET users can use the ScheduledTaskIDs() property in the class to get or set the task IDs.





Required. Long. An array of the numeric IDs of the scheduled tasks assigned to the URD.




 'Add code to get an existing URD. 
 Dim aURD As cURD

 'Get the IDs of the tasks assigned to the URD. 
 Dim myarray() As Long
 Call aURD.GetScheduledTaskIDs(myarray)

 'Sample output. 
 Dim i As Integer
 Dim upper As Integer
 Dim lower As Integer

 lower = LBound(myarray)
 upper = UBound(myarray)

 For i = lower To upper
  MsgBox (myarray(i))
 Next i