ALTAGeneralOptions Class

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Member of: SynthesisAPI

Represents the calculation settings of the associated ALTADataSet object. Applies to the cumulative damage life-stress model only.


Name Description
AllowLargeBetaValues Indicates whether the analysis allows beta values up to 250. Boolean. Default value = False (maximum beta value is 100).
ImplementStressAtTheEndOfTheStep Applies to time-dependent stress profiles only. Indicates whether to apply the stress at the end of a segment. Boolean. Default value = False (the stress is applied at the beginning of the step).


The following example demonstrates how to initialize the settings for a particular ALTADataSet object.


 'Declare a new ALTADataSet object. 
  Dim ADS As New ALTADataSet
 'Specify the settings. 
  ADS.GeneralSettings.AllowLargeBetaValues = False
  ADS.GeneralSettings.ImplementStressAtTheEndOfTheStep = False